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This is xan chasing a bird called "getthegirls"

Xan typed (xan) is always a Robin but was seen as a Starling in this picture which is rare. Xan's ally is Lamira. They play Fly Like A Bird 3 and LIF together as Xan and Lamira. In this photo, Xan, who is thought to be a male, was chasing an Eagle called "getthegirls". The Eagle was constantly flooding the chat with "Hey guys, GET THE GIRLS" and Xan decided to take matters into his own hands and exterminate the bird. Xan is mostly seen in the Islands but sometimes is seen in the Cityscape. Xan often meets new friends. Xan uses his attack strategies for the good of his friends but will go joy pooping if none of his friends are present. Xan likes to hang out in the beach house and the bridge. Nonames also are treated nicely by Xan if they do not attack him. Xan will often tell Lamira to move to Snowscape 5 if they are being ambushed on by other killers or trolls that despise their relationship.
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Xan as usually seen in Fly Like a Bird 3. As a Robin.

Xan will be nice to you if you don't poop on him or Lamira. You do not have to speak to Xan to get his trust as he most likely will not respond back but to Lamira. Don't poop on Xan and you will not have any problems. Xan has never been seen cursing or insulting someone. He usually reponds to his rage by pooping on the bird that assaulted him. If Lamira isn't present and Xan is there, you should be on the lookout as he will most likely find you and poop on you if you are any bird but a robin or starling.

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