Wolf Hunter (actual name unknown) is a not-so-notorious wolf-killer on Fly Like A Bird 3, vicitimizing hundreds of wolves and clans in the span of one week. He was said to have been hired by The Anti-Clan, although it is more likely possible he works alone. He is rarely seen talking; however, he will call out occasionally before attacking, usually by ambush and surprise. A cunning, adept flyer and a skilled warrior, he is rarelyleft unharmed from a fight.

Although he likes to big himself up as something amazing, most wolves who have been in fly like a bird in the past one and a half years ago, recognise †.ŵőľƒħũʼnŧřĕşş.† to be the more well known of the two. She built up some pathetic vengence story to justify her actions but either way, both of them are stupid in their own right and unjustified. The anti-clan actually never existed on flab. As a player who has been on it for more than three years, and moved around to all the different rooms, I have never heard of the 'anti-clan' and neither has the clans themselves.

"You may talk the talk hunter, but you dont walk the walk."