Wifi, a mostly a humble ringneck who usually hides in the trees of the Island and doesn't disturb anyone. But when disturbed, converts into a robin and will exterminate anyone who messed with him until they leave for good. Wifi is a persistent killer with no remorse for any actions on his part and a lot of the bigger birds do fear him. The robins are not scared as wifi tends not to mess with them because of the diminuitive structure which makes them harder to kill to Wifi. Before Wifi kills, he will always examine from a safe distance, the user's behavior, actions and speech to determine their skill so he can plan the perfect attack. Wifi will secretely help any nest but a robin's. He will most likely kill the nesting robin to prevent the success of a baby robin. When his work is done, he will change back into a ringneck, hide and nest in the trees, not to be disturbed. If nesting, you may see Wifi enter the volcano for protection from the attacker. Wifi has never spoken since he is a very shy bird and is usually unheard from or seen in the Islands. Wifi will go to the bin for twigs if there are too many people venturing for twigs. The palm tree Wifi usually nests in is the one closest to the beach house on the house side, not the platform side. Wifi nests there because it allows easy access to the bin incase twigs or food is required. If you see Wifi, do not disturb him and he will not disturb you. He will take action and convert into a robin or starling when attacking. Wifi is mostly a trustworthy bird and will accept help from other birds most of the time.