Whore Chickens are a team of trolls in Cityscape 1, though they have been seen attacking each other. They often kill and spam Whore Chicken for an extended period of time. They have seen to have associations with Ink, Music Notes, and Birdvet. They usually act as a team, and show up at the same time, but they have been seen alone. The whorechickens tend to stay in City 1. There have been reports of them in Snowscapes 4, 5, 1, and Hillscape 5. They have many friends, but are ruthless on their enemies. They have seen been attacking Eagles together, along with Owls and Swans. They take turns spamming and killing other innocent birds. They have been seen hiding in houses, and are considered very intelligent. They often use perfect grammar, but often use slang such as 'k' and 'guise'. Cptslock and Noseybonk have killed them before, but other than that, they were almost untouchable. The Whore Chicken duo have not been seen in weeks. Many believe they have left, but many believe they will return. They have absolute power of Cityscape 1. No one can defeat them. They have been seen to use Cheat Engine, as they have been heard saying they are immortal. Many fear them, but some rebel. This is not a wise choice. Rebellion often leads to absolute defeat. Whore Chicken 1 seems to be the leader of the pair, often commanding the other one to either spam or kill. They take breaks often, leaving their prey to believe that they are done, until one attacks, causing the other to spam.

Their Return

The Whore Chickens have returned to wreak havoc upon Cityscape 1 where they may relax and talk to their friends. If you manage to escape their strong grasp, consider yourself lucky. They rule over all, and have only been defeated a small number of times.


The Whore Chickens have many friends, who are spared from their savage attack. Their friends include a No Name Crow, Poopstain, and many others. They seem to hate the pureones, as they have been caught calling them immature, stupid, and retarded. They may also have associations with a Gale, or Fionna, as they have talked about them. Though their opinions on them may be mixed, as they have called them bitches, and gay.


Nike has been seen in Snowscape 1, spamming and telling people to go to Cityscape 1. Scrollclaw was in the whole room that he was probably working with the Whore Chickens. After that he promptly left the room.

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