Now I understand many people out there think clans absolutely suck, and until about a few weeks ago, I would have agreed. Those players who've 'been around for some time' are probably sick about all that stuff on clans. Over the past few weeks I've heard about wars, rogues, disownership, new members ect. and I thought that all that stuff is kinda over used. So why am I just dumbing down the idea of this clan? Well this one isn't like any other. We don't just do all that innaffective roleplaying, we also do the real fighting.

We have several, what they call "kiler hackers" in our clan so that may hold us at a disadvantage to their haters, but it is also a good point. Joining our clan offers protection from those, for the simple reason, that they are in our clan. Unlike the others we also share much of the information we hear of, (and believe me there have been a lot of things going round) for the simple fact that we aren't so restrictive with our members so we hold them down to certain places.

We do hold meetings, just to keep our clan in order, but also so we can share things with eachother. Some share glitches, others give information that is supposed to be kept quiet but that is only shared in our clan. If you join, it offers protection, friends and something to belong to. I know some people will still be saying that clans are stupid pieces of ^^ but deep down, I know some of you are just acting spiteful because you couldnt find a clan to accept you as a member. We accept anyone, we dont judge, we dont really mind who you are (as long as its not one of a countries most wanted) or where you're from, its just something to be part of that gives protection, friends and aid when you need it. If someone messes with one of us, its technically with all of us, so when you say clans are crap, well yea, but not this one :p