The Storyteller is a wise, old crow who lives in the hillscapes along a flowing river. He resides in an old cabin nearby and tells stories of his many travels to those who enter his home.


  1. The River Siren
  2. The Mountain Buzzard
  3. Days in the Desert
  4. The Great Migration
  5. The Stormy Sea
  6. Battle on Windy Cliff
  7. The Beggar's Plea
  8. The Dawn of Night
  9. A Cry in the Distance
  10. A Faraway Land
  11. The Huntsman
  12. The Devil's Throne
  13. The Hatchling
  14. Dojo in the Clouds
  15. The Golden Egg
  16. The Dragon's Lair
  17. Spirits of the Past

'*walks into the room depressed and insane* I'm Ravenheart.-pure black she-cat with blood red eyes . Claws reinforced with raven talons.       And do I have a story for you Add a wiki page called Ravenheart's Bad side and I'll tell you the story on the talk page

I realize this is really old, but I still find it hilarious that no one wants to hear your story. Maybe they'll wanna hear it once I've gotten my revenge....