Shadoocrow is a Crow in Hillscape1 who attempted to capture a Robin named girlfox, who he claimed was a "war criminal". He denounced girlfox a coward and began to search for her furiously. She later turned up and asked another robin named yoboy if he remembered her, only for yoboy to call her his "bitch". Shadoo deduced that the two were in alliance and believed girlfox was lying when she said they were not. He then attempted capture them both, but was ultimately defeated when he landed into a river below, causing him to drown while the two pelted poo at him.

Prior to his arrival, girlfox was being attacked by several wolf clan members, who all tried to kill her unsuccessfully, while she hid between a wedge of rocks. A Pigeon named Manpigeon arrived and claimed to be her bodyguard, offering to protect her as his duty. When he had failed to protect her, however, he told girlfox that he must depart out of shame.