The Secret Clone is an unknown and unnamed user, who is most notorious for his/her broad success in cloning. Their method may involve using another player's name, hiding somewhere where they are unable to be seen, and rapidly cussing and throwing insults at said person's friends or any random bystanders, usually causing other birds to poo on the real person. The clone then emerges to resume the person's identity and causes their friends to turn on them if the real player does return, usually acting friendly up at this point and departing much later. "Secret Clone" usually refers to the more successful breed of clone and can only apply to those who are experts at successful cloning and have failed minimally at doing so.

Notable examples

  • Tristan: Although not the original Tristan, a mysterious user disguised as him and eventually managed to turn the real Tristan's friends against him. The same clone would keep the name and return regularly to clone other birds. Prior to updates, this user was able to begin a new line of text below his own chat and make it appear as if his victim had said it, and considering no other users with the name would appear in that server, other players would conclude that the victim said it, while viewing Tristan as just an innocent bystander. This would often leave the player dumbfounded or confused as to who really said it, being unable to convince their friends otherwise. Tristan, or rather "Tristan's clone", is one notable example of an early secret clone, although his existance is little known to others on the game. He disappeared during earlier versions of Fly Like a Bird 3.