Roguestar was a very nationalistic person he and his followers revolted against shadow clan resulting in the snow civil war this civil war was tragic which included the death of snow star and rogue star this was a very long war that started in August and ended December 16 when rogue star was burned to death by Santiago rogue star also went under rebel star and wedge he thought the war was over after 2 days he thought wrong the shadow clan leader knightstar defended rogue squadron assaults and many innocent people died from up High bombing groups lead by wedge there will be a funeral held for him and the people who died this Saturday the black sun clan will attend because scoundrel was rogue stars cousin roguestar defected from shadow clan his name was bronzefang the funeral will be in Heath 12 in lif and snow 5 for flab3 pls attend to pay your respects to these valiant birds thank you