Hailey (Perfect Wolf<3) and Dominic (Rebel Wolf) recently got married in CityScape 8. They have been called the "best couple on Fly Like a Bird 3." Everyone wants to have a relationship like theirs

Dominic is such a gentleman with Hailey.  They are perfect together! 

Dominic + Hailey = Perfect Couple <3

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Haha wow. Y'all need to get your facts straight. They broke up because he flew out to meet her for the first time in person, and she neva showed cause she was FAKE. She's been tryna get ahold of em but he isn't showing interest after what happened, plus she cheated four times so...I don't blame him.

This can't be true. Dominic already dumped Hailey, which caused Hailey to quit.

Dominic has NOT dumped Hailey, and Hailey didn't quit!

My mistake. Dominic dumped Hailey, but they came back together. Hailey's quitting has been described as "unofficial" by her.

Dominic never officially broke up with Hailey (From what I've seen) and they remain together. 

Should Perfect Wolf and Rebel Wolf continue to be "mates" or should they break up?

Why'd he break up with her if anyone nos please comment...

Last I heard Rebel was talkin to this girl that goes by Brandi he tells people there not together,but they'd make a good couple.

All of this is wrong! Doms taking interest in a sweet girl named Bailey. Dominic+Hailey= OVER... let me repeat OVER.