The Macaw is a playable bird in Fly Like A Bird 3. [[File:Group3_-_Kopie.jpg|thumb|336px|Macaws nesting in the Islands]]

The Macaw is a big, blue bird and it is one of the most beautiful birds of Fly Like A Bird 3. It only eats cherries. A lot of other birds like to poo on Macaws, Seagulls and Eagles because they don't need much skill for hitting these big, colorful birds.

[[File:Indu_10_-_Kopie.png|thumb|left|136x136px|The Macaw in the newest area, the Industry]]

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==Flight Pattern==

When holding the down button, it flies straight up, but with less vertical thrust than the [[Starling]]. It falls pretty slowly and gracefully. It still lands too hard as easily as a [[Pigeon|Pigeon.]]

=== Glitches[[Category:Birds]] ===

Macaws can go underground snowscape, and hillscape.

Macaws are the best birds in terms of beauty in fly like a bird 3.