Jojo is normally a robin on fly like a bird hillscape. there are lots of people whose nickname is Jojo in FLAB but if one gets on she simply does not care, normally she will adress other people with her name with 'lol hello other Jojo :D' or somthing like that. She does not care if she gets killed but will protect other birds, somtimes she gets on different scapes such as:

cityscape/ to pratice flying

hillscape/ to RP and make a nest

island/ to make a nest

snowscape/ to play on the ice

She has not gotten into any fights, or made any enimes. She is mostly online, her Lif name is Jojo most of her names start with Jojo. To find out if its the same jojo as this one quiz her, but she will simply not care if you don't beleave her, she has no clan and is kinder good at killing but great at nest making.

She was last spotted on snowscape 1 sliding on ice and wishing everyone 'MERRY CHRISTMAS MERRY CHRISTMAS' i started to think she was trolling when she siad she hopes everyones christmas is sunny and warm but said she lives in australia. whenver someone siad they were leaving she would wish them a merry christmas. i am starting to get the idea she's not very old but quite young.





whoever made this post is awesome XD ~ Jojo


There is another(?) Jojo that hangs out in the eighth or seventh cities. She is quite protective with nests. This may be the same Jojo, although in this sighting, she doesn't talk much.