A view of the Island.

The Island is a scape in Fly Like a Bird 3, which is a strip of land surrounded by oceanic water. The Island consists mainly of palm trees and also features a large volcano in it's center, while most of the ground area is covered by sand or grass. Near the volcano, there is a seaside shack, a common gathering place for birds. A dock can also be found nearby. 

There is another island on the map, and it is much smaller. It is barren, save for a bunch of palm trees. This island is a common place to nest, along with the shack and the volcano.

The native and most popular bird in the islands are macaws. The second most popular are seagulls, ringnecks and robins.


  • A volcano is located in the center of the map and can be entered by any bird. It is also commonly used as a nesting site.
  • There are three ways to go underground as a swan. The first is to go under the dock and fly until you crash. The second, and easier way, is to go to the volcano and go under one of the rocks and fly until you crash. The third, to go under the volcano as swan and get somebody to poo on you until you fall through the ground.
Island with macaws

the two macaws