Hoshi is a hacker who first appeared on Fly Like a Bird 2 in mid 2009, and later on Fly Like a Bird 3 in January 2010.

Hoshi("Star" in Japanese) is a girl player who frequently appears as a Pigeon or Ringneck. She has been known to speak Japanese and Spanish, in addition to English. She is most famous for her crow character "Nine", formally known as "Sol", but also refered to as "Sol-Nine". Hoshi was an original member of the "first five" of HiddenClan, the biggest clan ever to originate on Fly Like a Bird 3, with over 300 active members to this day. Then known as "Darkflower"(now known as Mistypaw in her Clan), Hoshi left Fly Like a Bird 3 for a few months with her Clan before returning. Hoshi is generally described as "odd" or "kawaii". She is open for chatting and "being random" as she says, and can be found on almost any scape. She is also my friend :3

~ Nenekoki