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The hillscape.

The Hillscape is the second available landscape in Fly Like a Bird 3. It is a woodland area surrounded by several hills and trees, along with cabins, one of which can easily be entered by smaller birds. The land also has a large river running through in a circular shape around the hills and trees. The Hillscape is also a popular place to perform the underground glitch, along with the Snowscape.


  • The Hillscape is the second official landscape in the game, added about a year after Fly Like a Bird 3 was published. Also, it is possible that the Islands are a fate of the Hillscape.
  • Noseybonk made his inevitable debut in the Hillscapes. It was at this point, hacks by Noseybonk were beginning to be reported.
  • It is also a popular meeting spot for rpers.
  • The player can get underground as a seagull or a swan via glitch. For a swan, go to one of the rocks on the hill and fly under it and crash. For a seagull, fly at one of the mountains until you get under.

known locations

house on the hill - a tavern like house that sits on hill, birds could do a glitch where you could go underneath it, thus making it a popular place.

Riverside cave - a small cave that is located near a bunch of rocks. the only birds that cant get inside it are eagles, swans, and seagulls.

river - located all around the map. seagulls can find fish in it.

corn field - a field located between the hills, a popular spot for birds to hide and build nests.


bins - as usual, the hazardous bins are in this scape, located near the two buildings that sit side by side, in the corner.

hunters - humans in camouflage outfits who carry guns. flying into them will take 1 life.

river - for birds other than swans and seagulls, landing in the river will take a life and make it difficult to take off.

trees - due to there being so many of them, they can be difficult to avoid, unless you fly above them.