A clone is an anonymous player who goes by another player's name in order to confuse and put words into their victim's mouth, such as swearing to make it seem like the person is insulting someone. A clone usually does this to enact revenge on an enemy or just because they enjoy confusing people and damaging their reputations. There are different methods of cloning, but most usually copy a player's name into the name box, which is the simplest method of cloning. This threatens some people as some clones make the real one loose their friends.

How to tell a clone from innocents (sometimes helps)

There are an alarming number of players who attack "clones" who are not really clones

  •  If the clone's name isn't the EXACT same as yours, then it is probably not a malicious clone
  • If your alias is something very common and easy to brainstorm (like "shadow", "killer", and "claw") then others might have a similar name.
  • But there are times where clones fail to replicate an exact name, and they still try to put words in the victim's mouth. (Example: "randomguy" instead of "random guy")
  • It is advisable to type your name consistently, if you do not use trust passwords

Help in preventing cloning

1) Make a password

2) Use fancy letters