The cityscape was the first landscape to ever be added to Flylikeabird3. it was somewhat similar to the one that was in Flab2, but featured a few new buildings. another feature that was added to it were cars and power lines, along with trees and gardens.

The city is usually one of the most popular Landscapes, city 1 usually being full, and the lower cities usually having more birds then the other landscapes. the most common birds found there are usually Robins, Starlings, Pigeons, Ringnecks and crows. the larger birds usually avoid the city, seen as it can sometimes be difficult to fly around the numerous buildings.

It is the only place where those with no full version can play. This explains the common occurrence of Pigeons and Ringnecks. This explains why the rooms are so crowded, because they have nowhere else to go.

A disturbing amount of players come into the cities for girlfriends and boyfriends. usually you will get some ringneck of pigeon walking up to you asking "can help nest?" "can be mates", though if the comments are as nice as this then count yourself lucky. stalkers also tend to be in the cities.

It would be a rather peaceful place (discounting the overprotective and paranoid players who poo on you for simply looking at their nests wrong) if it didn't have such a common occurrence of hackers and trolls. Especially the higher cities, such as Cityscapes 1-4. spammers also tend to target city1, russian ones can spam for hours. Laggers are also a common occurrence


  • The Cityscapes are the most crowded rooms in Fly Like a Bird 3, as mentioned above.
  • You are more likely to find Pigeons and Ringnecks in these scapes, as most of the players don't have the full version.

known buildings

the nest building - a beige building near the orange houses that everyone builds nests on. it is popular for this because it it closest to the bins.

Poo fight buildings - two tall blue buildings that stand side by side, poo fights are often held over and around these.

Church - a building near a bunch of orange ones, there used to be a glitch that allowed robins to get inside it.


Bins - call them good or bad, flying onto a bin either grants you twigs, food, or will take one of your lives with string. (caution is advised when using bins, never ever trust bins.)

Cars - red vehicles that take a life if you happen to fly into them. they can get annoying when you are searching or twigs.

Humans - Suits and Traffic wardens are both hazardous, taking a life when you make contact with them.

trees - only harmful if you're a bad at flying.