Xan  isant realy a killer or a clone of the other one.He only kills if he is being killed or guarding a nest.He is always seen as a robin and is often blamed and killed for thinking hes a killer, but he has some friends who help him with nests or kiling someone, he usually kills birds in a group but again only kills if he has to.He is often misunderstood because everyone sees him as a killer.Hes never hack a bird before, but will have someone do it for him.He has a few mates always seen making nests with him but since his mates have to be together, they do fight and poo on eachother and when these fight happens he tells them to go look for twigs.these fights can cause them to  leave. Although these fights can go badly the worst of his mates is selena who kills all his other mates and she trys to get them away from him.

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