There are at least four Snowscape glitches that are known in Fly Like a Bird 3.

Underground Glitch: This is the most commonly used glitch. The entrance point is located behind the house with the open doors.

Additional Glitch: This glitch requires being underground. You must be a Seagull, and in a very close to the surface area, there is an chunk of ice. You walk up against the side of the chunk of ice, and in no time, you're under the ice.

Disappearing House Glitches: There are two houses that I know of that disappear: the one by the main bin, where all those houses are, and one by the other house that's near the ice. The trick is, you fly around the map once, straight from where your starting point is. Once you're where the houses were, you basically have an invisible force field around you.

Ice Glitch: It works best as a Starling. You do a u-turn when you're farther away from it. Zoom towards the lower section of the ice, and you should go right through it! Though it can be hard sometimes.

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