Helpers are birds who help other birds by babysitting, adopting lost babybirds or defend defensless birds.

These kind of birds is usual to see in snowscapes, because there is many hideaways there who is perfect for wars and nest to be.

  • Nest Helpers: These helpers, upon entering a 'scape, will find twigs and help any nest they can find. Often, they will add "nesthelper" to their names. Like, for example, "nesthelperX", or just "nesthelper".


Defenders are birds who defend other birds in wars. They hide the birds on safe places and attack the bad birds if they come to close the hideaways. A defender can fight with a bird in hours and it's not often a defender even think about giving up. A defender is very stubborn and rarely loses a fight. If it does it often come back again to revenge..


Babysitters are birds who spend most of their time babysitt another birds chick while they're hunting food, or warming the egg untill it hatches. A babysitter is often not lonely to babysitt a chick, they're often two who part on the job to feed the chick. Mostly because then they won't run out of food so fast.


Adopters are lonely birds who do are sick of being lonely. It's often the adult bird who is searching for a babybird to adopt, but there are times then the babybird searching for a adult bird. A adopter can be a female or a male but will be called for mom or dad when it becomes a parent. When the adult bird has becomed a parent it will learn their babybird to fly, find food and building a nest. They are the most important things to learn a babybird. When the babybird learned all that stuff if will be able to take care of it self and will probably soon also have a own babybird soon. ♥ ~

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