Clans are groups of role players, most likely to be cats or other creatures. They fight, hunt, and do their thing in the world of FLaB.

Clans of Flab 3

Legendary Legion : Azura Nix (Leader/Founder)

Aerial volts(av): Kidlat (Leader) ❤

MythicClan: JuneStar (Leader)

RiverClan: Fernstar (Leader)

MoonClan: Echostar (Leader)

Hellclan: Hellboy (Leader)

ShadowClan: Spottedstar (Leader)

NightClan: Smokestar (Leader)

WindClan: Scorchstar (Leader)

Anti-clan: Fracture (leader)

Wasp clan: Vespula or Emily

Sharpclan: Deltastar (Leader)

StormClan: §čøŕpïø Wøļf - Sometimes known as: Řāvėņćļāw but uses various names. (Leader/founder)